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Military veterans Rick Ensley & Ret. Cmd. Master Chief Navy Seal & Calif. State Assembly candidate 71st district, Larry Wilske

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DDwD on location March 17th, 3pm. Guests veterans Rick Ensley & Calif. 71st Assembly district candidate, Larry Wilske

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March 17th, Saturday 2018. Daily Dialogue with Doris goes on the road for their second interview live and on location!! Here's looking forward to more excitement...Boom, BOOM!!!

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August 16, 2014 — Leave a comment    

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Throughout the course of our lives we will have multiple opportunities to make life changing decisions. Some decisions will have favorable outcomes thereby creating the opportunity to rejoice and celebrate our creativity and good fortune. From this, we will be judged and assessed by our peers and subsequently held to a certain standard. At other times however, our decisions will have less than favorable outcomes. Our families, our jobs, our very lives will be forever changed. Here too we will be judged and assessed by our peers, only this time that standard is lowered. Life changing events and decisions will happen for us all. In the end, what we should be judged by, good or bad, is the manner in which we respond.

Doris Rivas-Brekke is an excellent example of the right way to respond to life changing events and decisions. Doris found success early in life as a decorated veteran of the United States Army and later as a graduate of San Diego State University where she worked hard to earn a degree in Psychology. She later pursued a career in public relations and eventually became a business owner. But it was not that early success alone that made her who she is today. Doris’ path to her current state was one of addiction and loss. In May of 2005, Doris almost lost her life as the result of alcoholism. It was that event, that life changing event that led Doris on a path to better and healthier decision-making. Three years later Doris was faced with another challenge, one that would also affect her life. Within 48 hours she lost her husband of 23 years and her father. Her life following that was difficult and stressful, but through it all Doris held strong by relying on her own personal foundations for life; Faith, Family and Freedom.

It is important to remember that in life success is not measured by accumulating material and monetary wealth. Success is invariably measured by our ability to rise to the occasion. Success is measured by our ability to overcome the obstacles placed before us to achieve our goal, our mission in life. Equally important in our efforts to overcome those obstacles is realizing that we do not have to do so alone. There are people in the world who have experienced similar challenges that are eager to help and remind us that there is hope. There are people like Doris Rivas-Brekke.

A year after losing her husband and her father, Doris developed an idea that would eventually become Daily Dialogue with Doris/ radio station . Her goal was simple. To create a faith-based forum in which people can discuss their life challenges and through healthy and constructive dialogue develop effective ways to address those challenges. Doris says, “If I can come back from the depths of hell, anybody can,” and through Daily Dialogue with Doris she is helping others do just that.

“After nearly dying, I felt humbled by that experience because before that, I didn’t think of myself as a good person,” Doris said. “I decided then to honor God and I promised myself I would not be embarrassed by telling my story.” Today, Doris is just over 12 years sober. She is a writer, an animal rights activist, volunteers in the San Diego community and an active member of Shadow Mountain Church and the Republican Party. Doris has been President and 1st Vice President of a Republican Federated Women’s Club and she is the Executive Producer and Host of Daily Dialogue with Doris which airs live on wsRadio (www.wsradio.com) every other Tuesday at 7 pm.

Help has a name. You only need to reach out…she will be there to listen.

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